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the citizenses will rule. i don't pretend to have any particular insight into their mind sets here. but another comparison that he reference in the his piece was a new york time article over the weekend about parallels with the row v. wade decision. and the idea that the roe v. wade decision was in some ways counterproductive. created a back lash against the court. created a back lash culturally against expanded rights for abortion. and i just, i don't think that particular parallel makes a lot of sense. for one thing you cannot remove that one decision from the overall cultural context. and it wasn't just that one decision that sparked this back lash. you had already a back lash building against what was seen as excesses of the '60s. you already had a conservative back lash building against the court from griswold and from civil rights and from miranda even. so it wasn't just this one decision that created that sort of back lash. and the other reason i don't think the parallel holds here is because people who believe, who are pro-life. who are staunchly pro-life, believe that abortion is tanta
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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